ROSS AND DEE MACINNES, (Higher Trails Equine)

Ross has worked with horses all his life.  He first learned at the knee of his grandfather Angus Graham, then later joined the RCMP and was trained under the protocols of the Musical Ride.  Ross transferred to the Calgary City Police and completed his 30-year career working with at-risk youth.  After retirement, he intensified his research into horses and their influence on at-risk youth, and put that knowledge into practice. He has been honored throughout his life through various awards and accolades including the United Nations “International Year of The Family” award, the Rotary Club “Man of Integrity,” and the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal.  

Dee spent 25 years working in the Human Resource field, developing her skills in human interaction, instructing courses and doing in-depth interviewing.  During this time, she was a Foster Parent to many high-risk teenagers, and worked closely with Government Agencies and Youth Advocacy groups related to that work. Dee was also presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal.

In 2002 Ross and Dee began working together utilizing their knowledge and skill set in the Equine Assisted Learning field.  They developed many major programs including Trail of The Heart, Trail of The Home, and In Front of The Herd that have been used throughout North America in the healing of hurting hearts and broken families.  Together they share their knowledge with EAL Canada participants, through workshops, courses and social media.  They teach across Canada sharing the model they developed.



After obtaining her Psychology degree, Tiff began working as an outreach worker with at-risk youth.  Her work included addictions counselling, family therapy, and sexual abuse counselling.  Having a background in equine-related activities, it was a very small step for her to move to adapting her skills to include the use of horses in counselling programs. She originally received her training through EAGALA, and accepted the position of Program Director at a residential ranch that used horses in their recovery program.  Tiff's knowledge and experience provide valuable insights to EAL Canada both in program development and program delivery.



PETRA SHELTON (Circle 7 Wellness)

Petra is exceptionally well-rounded in both equine and social science skills.  She is a Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Rehabilitation and Wellness Specialist, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Massage Therapist and Aquatic Therapy Specialist.  Her horse-related training has been through Higher Trails (EAL Canada), CanTRA, and EAGALA. 

As well Petra recently completed training through the Grief Institute.  She carries a full load of client schedules, yet finds the time to constantly increase her knowledge in the wellness area. Her depth of knowledge and experience is a wonderful asset to EAL Canada as an Associate Trainer when called upon.  Petra also provides valuable insights into topics that may arise and are related to her training and education.  


Melissa lives her life full-time with horses.  She is an experienced and knowledgeable rider, who is also one of the most successful Equine Massage Therapists in Ontario. As well, Melissa is a Certified Equi-Health Emergency First Aid Instructor. She added the EAL component into her work when learning of all the struggles some of her clients were experiencing in life.  She blends her EAL work directly into her training and riding programs.  Melissa has been an Associate Trainer for many of the courses Higher Trails/EAL Canada has taught in Ontario. 

KIM HALLOCK (Red Dog Recovery Ranch)

Kim has dedicated her time and energy to helping families incorporating horses into the process.  Red Dog Recovery Ranch has this as their mission statement and it best describes the work they do. We will provide land-based, culturally grounded, holistic programs for indigenous families experiencing crisis due to harmful involvement with mood altering substances, trauma, mental illness, disabilities, and grief utilizing current evidence-based best practices and developing new best practices in the fields of aboriginal healing, addictions treatment, social work and business.  Kim provides valuable advise and insights to EAL Canada, especially when working with indigenous clients.