EAL Canada provides prepackaged programs to their Coaches, who in turn offer them to their clients. Programs are continually being developed and made available.  

‚Äč                                                          Current Programs

EAL Associate

 This one day session serves two purposes, it is an introduction to the world of Equine Assisted Learning.  Discover about the various ways EAL is being used in work with people of all ages, physical and mental challenges, PTSD, Family discord, youth at risk and more.  The presenter will not only share this information, but will also introduce you to the particular services they offer as an EAL Practitioner. 

The second purpose of the day is to provide instruction for anyone who would like to assist an EAL Practitioner. How to handle the horses, help set up sessions, ensure safety of horse, client and Coach.  The Associate (also called a wrangler) maintains the privacy of Coach and client, as is outlined in the Code of Conduct that is shared at the time of instruction.

In Front of the Herd  - Youth Leadership (7 sessions)

We have heard it said, if we teach our youth to be leaders, they learn to make wise decisions and not follow others making poor decisions. 

In Front of the Herd develops the skills needed by young people to become leaders others will follow. Over the 7 weeks, topics such as Effective Leadership, Character, Trust & Respect, and others are discussed. As well the participants learn skills for speaking in public, chairing a meeting, and take on specific roles within the group. Each session the participants receive a booklet that deals with the topic for that day.

Parents tell us they have seen their teen develop self-confidence and sense of self-worth.

Trail of the Heart    (6 week program)

Life is a journey.  How we travel through life, and the paths we take, are choices each of us must make for ourselves.  No one can force the choice upon us, no one can choose for us, and no one can relieve us of the responsibility of making that choice.

The Trail of the Heart is a program based on the certain knowledge that you have within you every talent, attitude, quality, and characteristic needed to succeed in life and to create for yourself an incredible future.

The program is modeled after the travels of yesteryear. In olden days, a traveler felt drawn to new and exciting destinations, dissatisfied with there they were in life and the desire to have something better.

Like the journeys of our ancestors, when one leg of the journey is complete, you construct a camp. 

There are six camps, each building on the previous camp until you reach your destination.

You will receive a booklet for each camp with questions, discussion topics and some take home thoughts to ponder.

Participants have reported that after taking this program, they were finally able to move forward, establish and reach their goals.  Life changing was one of the common comments shared by participants.