Courses can be paid in full at time of registration or through installments.  Final payment must be received prior to commencement of the course. 

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Welcome to a five day journey that will leave you excited, enlightened and enthusiastic!

During the five days of training you will learn the science behind how horses interact with humans and how that information is so valuable when working with a horse as your partner.

You will gain greater insight into conflict which is the basis of most issues clients will present to you.  Understanding the type of conflict and using that as a starting point with your client will bring about quickly identification of solutions.

You will learn to develop exercises to work with your clients to open dialogue and identify areas where you can coach them into finding their own answers.

The time spent will be both classroom and hands on with the horses.  Each of you will have a chance to be an EAPD Coach in a scenario – your fellow participants will be your “clients”.  Experience firsthand how the client and horse interact and discover how you are able to work in a Coach/Client environment.

Feedback from your instructors and peers will ensure you get the most out of the session, walk away with new insights and material and feel reassured that you can make a difference in the lives of those you touch.  There will be lots of opportunities to learn, ask questions and share experiences.

When you complete the course, there is a closed Facebook page that our graduate alumni become part of, where they share ideas, ask for suggestions or feedback and share new and exciting information on Equine Assisted Learning.  


​*​Note: EAL Canada is proud to offer a $250 discount to military and first-responders who register for this course.