What is Equine Assisted Learning?

EAL Associate

Are these some of the questions you would like answered? 

Join one of our EAL Practitioners for a day of information, questions and hands on work with the horses.  Learn about all the areas that horses are being used to help make a difference in people's lives.  See for yourself how the horse interacts with humans.

The day begins with with participants receiving a booklet and sitting through a PowerPoint presentation that provides information and answers on Equine Assisted Learning and the role of an EAL Associate.

This is followed by a time with the horses.  Demonstration exercises will allow you to see the horse interacting with people.  This hands on time is when you will learn about EAL, the power of the horse and how the role of an EAL Associate.  

Courses are taught by EAL Canada Practitioners across Canada.  

  • What is an EAL Associate?
  • Who uses EAL and how do they use it?
  • How are horse used in EAL?
  • Environmental Awareness when working with horses
  • How can I become an EAL Associate?
  • The Code of Ethics for those working with EAL Practitioners.